Cook's Bail Bond

Call for free bail bond information: 1-800-750-1419

What is a bail bond?

A Bail Bond is an insurance policy. Basically,Cook's Bail Bond insures the defendants appearance in court until the final disposition of his/her case. Once the underwriting & indemnification of the bail bond is completed, a Cook's bail agent will present the bond to the court of proper jurisdiction. The bond will be posted & the indemnitors will be directed on how & approximately when the defendant will be released.

What is the difference between a bail and a bond?

When the defendant is initially arraigned the judge will typically set a bail and a bond. These amounts can be different. The bail can be paid directly to the jail in order to ensure the defendants release. The bond is done through Cook's Bail Bonds in which case we only require a percentage of the bond amount in order to post the bond.

How much will I end up paying for the bond?

The premium and collateral amounts depend on the amount of the bond. For a free consultation call
800-750-1419, or reach out to any of our office locations, and we will be more than happy to help.

What should I bring?

TWO forms of PHOTO ID – current and valid
TWO current pay stubs
Proof of address (utility or electric bill or recent tax return)

Make sure to check with one of our bail administrators that you have all the necessary documentation for your specific case.

What is collateral?

Collateral is something of value used to secure your debt obligation and ensure payment, and certify that the defendant will appear in court as required.

What are the types of acceptable collateral?

CASH – How much? Depends on the bail amount. Certified Check and/or Money Order.
PROPERTY – The DEED to a home, along with supporting documents to prove equity and good standing.
BUSINESS – A business certificate, financial statement and recent bank statement are needed.
SAVINGS – Passbooks, CD and Stock Options.

I posted the bond, and now the case is over. How do I go about getting my collateral back?

After a case is over, and the bond is exonerated, you must go to the court in which the case was pending and acquire a certificate of disposition. Bring that certificate of disposition into the Bail Bond office location that you initially posted the bond in, and within approximately 60 business day the collateral check will be ready to be picked up. Don’t worry, our office will call you once the check is in. Only the person who pledged the collateral can pick up the check and must show a valid form of photo ID